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Since 2003, Hightower has brought inspiring designs from both U.S. and Scandinavian roots. A leader in ancillary furniture, accessories, lighting and glass; Hightower enables our clients to create a unique aesthetic and signature for projects.

Hightower is manufactured primarily in High Point, NC.,opened a  showroom there in the fall of 2018 and debuted their Chicago Showroom at NeoCon in Spring of 2019.  Their other primary showroom is located in Kansas City, MO.


U.S. based, family owned for 40 years, ERG is a manufacturer of seating, tables, lounge and banquette furniture for the corporate, education and healthcare markets.  ERG's product is manufactured to your specifications with a lifetime warranty.  Reliable, beautiful and cost effective.

ERG has a 10 day quick-ship program and a large selection of children's furniture.

Formaspace is a manufacture of modular lab furnishings, technical benches and industrial designed office furniture.  Furniture built to get the job done and look great.  You can design your own solution using the 3-D configurator and send it right off for quick quotes.

Lab furniture is a big investment; Formaspace significantly impacts the ROI.

Three-H manufactures beautiful, design oriented case goods, benching, tables and laminate workstations.  In 2018, Three-H was the recipient of the Best of NeoCon gold award for best new case good and the Interior Design magazine HIP award for best workstation product.  Three-H delivers incredible product at mid-market prices. 


Customer service and design support is unparalleled.

dHive is a US Manufacturer for glass demountable walls that have a design quality that can turn professional environments into more beautiful, efficient, and empowering spaces. Holding to their belief that details, whether visible or invisible to the eye, are what makes the difference and constantly finding fresh new ways to deliver optimal design solutions to ever-changing environments and sustainability standards.

Fulbright produces 1/4" tempered glass boards with custom size and color capability.  Fulbright's glass is an industry leading specification while offering pricing that is below the competition.  Both z-clip mounting as well as standoffs are available.

In addition to glass boards; Fulbright produces glass tables as well as custom furniture.

Jonathan Kauffman creates beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces to your specifications using reclaimed wood, metal and live edge tops.  Located in Charlotte, NC.

Kauffman will put a unique stamp on your project.  Come visit their shop to see craftsmanship at work!

Vondom is an In & Out furniture manufacture designed around the idea that a lifestyle is a way of being. Putting dynamic people, innovators, curious types that enjoy fashion and trends, and demand the best quality in everything around them.

Offerings from causal chairs and tables to pool lounges and planters. Vondom has an extensive collection that will fill all outdoor and indoor needs. 

Silen Space is a living organism just like your company – it grows, shrinks and moves around.

Our unique and hassle free solution is designed to constantly match the changing needs. As a modular system, it’s in help over countless of years and through many office spaces. This means that your Space ends up being more useful than any other solution, both from the people’s and from the environment’s point of view.

Not your typical inspiration. Not your typical chairs.


Wyatt office furniture is an office seating company inspired by life and the experiences that come with living it to the fullest! Their customizable offerings mix ergonomics with style and help bring inspiration to your office no matter who, or where you are.

Today’s workstation is a work tool designed specifically for the use of today’s technology, and only with sufficient space to accomplish required tasks, can the workstation be an effective tool that maximizes the use of technology and the user’s performance.

​By getting the monitors up and off the workstation, by managing monitor cables through the Zgo Monitor Arm and by integrating our patented ZDock, a Type-C and Type-A USB Docking Station, into the base of the arm, we turned today’s workstation into a clean and spacious work area that significantly improves the working experience and the productivity of the users.

Slyde Innovations was created to provide a unique security and storage solution for the workspace. As workstations get smaller, and smartphones, tablets and laptops become more numerous, the need to store and charge these devices while freeing up desktop space has become increasingly important. Slyde products help ensure the safety of important mobile devices, tablets, and laptop computers, while also clearing the desktop from clutter of these multiple electronics.


Throughout the design process LUUM focuses on creating textiles that work together in a holistic way. LUUM works by hand at the fiber level so they are able understand how the materials will perform.  The use of fiber, weave structure, color, and pattern are especially important elements of textile design. Through observation and experimentation, LUUM is constantly learning and applying knowledge to the craft of textile.

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